Friday, 22 March 2013

Facts are Facts – If only you could remember where you put them!?

 Raw data is an asset. Excellent raw data, which provides the best platform for making assessments, is proportionally costly to collect. Having invested to collect the data, like any asset with value, why would you jeopardise your investment or reputation by not looking after it?

Have you experienced any issues with data management? Do you prefer spreadsheets or databases? Why?

In order to be useful, raw data must be able to efficiently deliver value (i.e. be able to form part of a robust assessment) in the long term. For research, this may be years after the initial data is collected (e.g. for long term population monitoring projects).

The data journey can be made more efficient and user friendly through adopting specialist software. Clearly there will always be a human element to data; all the software should do is focus the human element to the most important parts of the journey.

I will be speaking on this topic at the upcoming Offshore Business 2013 conference, in Southampton, UK. Come along and listen to me at 14:55 on Wednesday 10th April. Alternatively reach out to me if you see me on the day, or email and we can always meet up.

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